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July 27, 2012
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A simple name on my list and a glorious robe of shadows shall collect the soul of which you known. In one long agonizing breath you are gone. Mine to have!

A mere memory upon the lips of others as they watch you recede. In the ground your body goes to comfort the creatures of hollow.

Yes my dear, I have stolen you from the body you housed in. You, my worthy darling have been very naughty. Let's see if you can be at ease here in HELL!

Oh please stop the train of tears that don't fall and the sniffle that can't be heard. I have it in my right mind to anchor you with chains. Beat you with my whip of fire. Shove hot pokers where I can.

Or I could just let you hover of my hounds. They do need a new toy.

I want to drag you so deep into torture that you will beg for deliverance to above. I will make you relive all that you now deem wrong. I desire to make you suffer.

I want to tie a noose around your neck. Then tie your ankle and feet together. Hoist you on a pole over greedy savages and see which rope will tighten first.

Yes, my dear, I have been waiting for you. So please seat for a spell and dwell.

Punishment will come as I see fit. You will take it. No begging for mercy or pleads to stop. Your soul is mine and I want to play.
I actually had to stop myself here before I got carried away in torture...Can we say issues?

This is a small convo I had in a short story I was beginning.

Oh my!!!!

My inspiration came from here [link]
Amazing artist he is :D
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ThaJokersDesign Jul 29, 2012
It's amazing!! Come do it! I'm waiting ;P
*panting* everytime I read that and then add the pix...I wanna ride that train :nod:
ThaJokersDesign Jul 30, 2012
Mmm, I'm excited ;P
LOL! Calm down... calm down.
ThaJokersDesign Aug 11, 2012
I am calm.... Now ;D
ThaJokersDesign Aug 23, 2012
How's your week?^^
crazy busy...mixology of old school freestyle to new school dub- is InSaNe... but that's alrigt...I got it done... @.@

How about yours?
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